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Rare Diseases: Not So Rare Within Real-World Data

Rare diseases are not so rare in RWD. Accounting for variability in access to care based on payer and healthcare infrastructure, our claims data population in STATinMED RWD Insights can help to monitor the outcomes for those with rare diseases and identify gaps in available therapeutics and healthcare resources.
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Social Determinants of Health: What We See in RWE

Through real-world evidence (RWE), prescriptions reveal the process and delivery of healthcare. A prescription for a diagnostic test or medication reflects medical practice patterns, healthcare systems, and payer reimbursement for services.
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Sourcing Outcomes Data

Data sourcing can be challenging. Identifying optimal data sources requires extensive insight into the data landscape relative to specific research needs. Successful data sourcing will require a balancing act between research priorities and data availability.
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Claims Data: Consider the Source

Keisha Maughn, Principal, Vice President, Real-World Evidence (RWE) at STATinMED Research shares her perspective about claims data, patient insights, coverage plans and navigating the data lake. Not all claims datasets are appropriate for every research question. With...

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Selecting the Most Relevant Data

Choosing the right data to answer research questions is important, especially when it comes to developing an external control arm. External comparators or controls (also known as historical controls) have the potential to improve the evaluation of novel experimental agents in clinical trials.
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The amazing research collaboration between STATinMED and our team has already led to a comprehensive body of evidence to inform confident decision-making for many patients.

Joint Partnership Alliance Real-World Evidence Executive

Thanks to the entire STATinMED team for all of your hard work and support with many projects – especially for the countless hours, expertise and thoroughness on recent projects. It has been a pleasure to work with you and the team.

Market Access Executive global biopharmaceutical company

The abstract has been accepted as a podium presentation at ISPOR! Many thanks to the team for all the hard work over the last several months!

HEOR Executive global biopharmaceutical company

Let’s give kudos to ourselves for everything we have accomplished together. Please share with STATinMED colleagues involved in the study–let them know our deep appreciation for all of them.

Real-World Evidence Executive Joint Partnership Alliance

On behalf of our study team, I would like to thank you all for your tremendous help on the study. Acceptance by Stroke is a watershed moment for the Real-World Data program.

Real-World Evidence Executive, Joint Partnership Alliance two global biopharmaceutical companies