Our Vice President, Real-World Evidence (RWE) shares her perspective about HEOR, RWD, evidence generation, and more. (First in a 2-part series)

What is the current landscape for pharmaceutical and biotechnology products?

It is an exciting time. I’ve spent 30 years in scientific research, the last 20 dedicated to outcomes research. Back when I was doing bench research, people were looking at the types of compounds that are now helping patients. It is very energizing to see therapeutic options today that were once experimental.

There are so many new types of therapies, and the list is growing, with a number poised for FDA approval in the upcoming months, covering many areas including rare disease, mental health, oncology, and ALS. Some will be first in class.

One area I am particularly excited about is Alzheimer’s disease. It will be wonderful to see breakthroughs in this area, that is overdue for some movement. Currently, our data source, RWD Insights, can reach a multitude of disease areas, including Alzheimer’s.


Describe a recent STATinMED project that made a difference for clients?

We recently worked with a client in a rare disease and used Bayesian analyses to help them address gaps in the literature and assess where their novel treatment fits into the landscape.  Again, it’s our ability to get to those rare diseases with the robustness of RWD Insights and our team’s ability to use approaches (such as Bayesian analyses) to basically perform cross validation of standard of care vs new treatment. This was very powerful in helping our client, specifically with strategies, cost and reimbursement.


Describe an innovative approach to evidence generation based on a recent STATinMED project?

We used an innovative approach with heat maps to address barriers regarding access to care. With our data, we applied designations of rural vs urban to both patients and providers. It was powerful for our client to see what was really happening on the maps.


HEOR and beyond: Do you work with clients outside of the traditional pharma industry?

Yes! STATinMED has been helping biopharmaceutical companies for decades with health economics and outcomes research. What’s impressive now is our growing clientele within the broader healthcare arena—there are many companies outside of pharma reaching to us for insights about products, services, and providers. Data-driven business intelligence is helping healthcare.

Maxine Fisher, PhD
Vice President, RWE

Maxine Fisher, PhD, is the Vice President in Real-World Evidence at STATinMED. Dr. Fisher has over 20 years of research and consulting in the RWE arena. In her previous roles in the RWE industry, her work has informed complex decisions faced by stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. She has developed innovative enterprise-wide evidence generation strategies to support business initiatives. At STATinMED, Maxine leads the RWE team to successfully implement projects and provide science-based solutions for our clients.

As real-world evidence authorities, STATinMED Research discovers data, develops insights and delivers optimal solutions to help life science companies realize maximum value. 

Many thanks again to you and the entire STATinMED Research team for your help with the cohort comparison and timeline. It means a lot to us.
— Oncology Global Patient Outcomes Executive Real World Evidence at global biopharmaceutical company

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