Real-World Evidence & Sources

Evidence Data Lake

The data ecosystem is fragmented and constantly changing. STATinMED data lake management services provide rich opportunities to focus the research approach and tailor data needs, analyzing retrospectively while capturing prospectively. We offer insights using data encompassing >80% of the US healthcare system with all-payer medical and pharmacy claims. Data from clearinghouses reveal transactions between payers and providers with comprehensive coverage at the patient level.


STATinMED Data Lake Navigation

The data lake is an environment or repository of consumable, curated data. It is modular and built-to-order. For example, we can assess treatment patterns and adherence then pivot and apply additional layers with laboratory data or genomics with payer account details. We have data linkage capabilities to run analysis and answer questions that are important to various groups within the pharmaceutical industry including teams with health economics outcomes research (HEOR) emphasis, market access focus, and commercial responsibility.

At STATinMED Research, we are the authority in real-world evidence, advising our clients about real-world data to answer real-world research questions.

Key Features:

Real-Time Data

  • Real-world data repository
  • 2014 to most current quarter
  • 1-month data lag

Rapid Access

  • No project delay or interruption
  • Value and insight in days, not months

Patient Tracking

  • Linked via direct matching algorithm
  • Master death file
  • Geography & demographics

Care Settings

Longitudinal tracking across:

  • Data sources, pharmacy, sites of care
  • Inpatient, outpatient, ACOs

Patient Universe

  • 350+ million unique patients
  • De-identified
  • Tokenized
  • HIPAA-compliant

Payer Detail

  • In-depth visibility
  • Account details at transaction level
  • Consistent claims capture

Nationwide Reach

  • Patients from all US geographic regions
  • Includes HI, AK, and Puerto Rico

Channel Capture

  • Commercial
  • Medicare FFS and Advantage
  • Medicaid all 50 states

Providers & Prescriptions

  • Providers include 97% HCP specialties (PA, NP, RN)
  • Full life cycle of pharmacy and Rx claims

Data Experience

In addition to working with traditional claims and data sources in the US commercial and government spaces, STATinMED actively explores current and relevant sources to offer the most complete reporting of outcomes.


Data Visualization

Our heat map diagrams present national data at the county level on a variety of categorical variables. The maps can present two categories simultaneously or single categories in a way that tells a clear geographic story.

Our radar charts are informative visual tools that compare multiple variables and convey a holistic picture.

Our bubble charts present up to three variables simultaneously to visually focus highly granular categories that traditionally take several figures and explanatory text to describe.

Let’s give kudos to ourselves for everything we have accomplished together. Please share with STATinMED colleagues involved in the study–let them know our deep appreciation for all of them.

— Real-World Evidence Executive, Joint Partnership Alliance