Meet Our Leaders

With hundreds of combined experience years, our real-world evidence leaders bring unparalleled expertise and deep insights to STATinMED.

Wendy Shusko, CPA
President & Chief Executive Officer 

Jason Drenning Linkedin

Jason Drenning, PhD
Chief Commercial Officer

Keisha Maughn Linkedin

Keshia Maughn, MPH
Senior Principal, Strategic Advisory Services

Dallas Hodgson Linkedin

Dallas Hodgson
Senior Vice President, Strategic Advisory Services

Maxine Fisher, PhD
Vice President, RWE

Amy Rovi Linkedin

Amy Rovi
Vice President, Marketing
& Scientific Communications

Sonam Mehta, MS
Vice President, Client Engagement 

Mike Rials Linkedin

Mike Rials, MS
Vice President, Strategic Operations

Danielle Farrell Linkedin

Danielle Farrell
Senior Director, Financial Planning & Analysis

Mary Laudise Linkedin

Mary Laudise
Director, Human Resources

Leadership Team Operating Philosophy


The STATinMED Leadership Team operates under the following understanding:

  • We believe in the importance of our team members and the obligation to empower the team to contribute to our collective success.
  • We believe in creating a culture of Operational Excellence to achieve superior performance at all levels.

​​​​​​​To achieve this, we operate in a state of continuous improvement, using a holistic approach to include systems understanding and documentation, onboarding, training, communication, placing the right people in the right positions, and providing team member connection and support​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.