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Gain insights about health economics and outcomes from Phase II/III through post-launch.

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Custom Registry

Align RWD about patients, providers, payers, diseases, and outcomes to evidence and strategy.

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Market Access

Develop strategies to ensure access, reimbursement, and market share.

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RWD Insights Direct

Accelerate insights, bolster ROI, master markets, and optimize clinical trials.

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Real World Evidence For
Health Economics & Outcomes Research

Evidence generation requires real-world data (RWD), specialized experience, and deep expertise across various health and life science sectors. We help you gain insights in HEOR from Phase II/III through post-launch to support product value.

Phase II/III

Discover Unmet Needs and Patient Centricity

Learn the needs and challenges of high burden segments to identify the most appropriate patient population for your drug, and support early-stage evidence and pre-launch commercialization planning.

Mapping the Disease Landscape and Patient Journey

Gain comprehensive insights about disease landscape, comorbidities, treatment utilization, and specialty providers to drive future study design and evidence planning.

Epidemiology Support Services

Ensure the benefits, risks, value, and potential of products from commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare claims to support forecasting and economic modeling.

Measuring Burden of Illness

Measure the impact of a disease to inform healthcare interventions, treatments, policies, and priority settings, with publication opportunities to support communications with payers and policy makers.


Determining Feasibility With Real World Evidence

Drive strategic decision-making, shape future study design, and support value communications with real-world evidence (RWE) focused on practical treatment utilization rates.

Comparative Effectiveness through HEOR

Generate evidence about adherence and impact on serious clinical outcomes for specific subsets of patients, including mortality for those with rare or chronic conditions.

Value, Communication, and Support

Prioritize patient access to therapy, negotiate contracts for improved formulary status, or realize cost savings with utilization of a particular therapy over standard of care.

Actionable, research-ready data and timely insights about patients with any disease and their treatment journey.

With STATinMED RWD Custom Registry you have information at your fingertips to take immediate action and make better, faster decisions that will improve patient access and outcomes.


Available patient-level measures include:

  •  Age, sex, race, ethnicity, income
  •  US geography: Census region, state, zip code
Clinical Characteristics
  • Encounters
  • Diagnoses
Treatment & Therapy
  • Prescribing information
  • Treatment costs
  • Physician specialty
All Procedures
  • Service line
  • Place of service
  • Provider type
  • CMS fees
Procedure Costs

Market Access & Commercialization for Healthcare and Life Science

A successful market access strategy requires comprehensive data insights for all stages of the product lifecycle. We help you develop strategies for product launch through commercialization.

Clinical Eligibility through Real World Data

Clinical Eligibility through Real World Data

Allow data-driven decision-making and account prioritization based on the addressable market.

Gain Real World HCO-HCP Insights

Gain Real World HCO-HCP Insights

Identify clinically appropriate Healthcare Organizations (HCO) and Healthcare Providers (HCP) with high opportunities to support field teams.

Measuring Opportunity Loss

Measuring Opportunity Loss

Discover the impact of utilization management practices on patient access and adherence to therapy to support discussions on value-based care.

Gain Competitive Indication Share

Gain Competitive Indication Share

Gain indication-specific market share within an account to support contract negotiations.

Prioritize Payer-Provider Insights

Prioritize Payer-Provider Insights

Prioritize Healthcare Providers in a complex market based on their share of patients with favorable access to a newly launched therapy.

Real World Insights Improve
and Accelerate Decisions

To transform the future of healthcare, real-world data (RWD) analysis is the gold standard for decision-making—but do you have access to it when you need it?

Get timely and actionable insights delivered on a regular basis from our analysts using robust, de-identified all-payer medical and pharmacy claims data for fast integration to support your business needs.

How We Work

Real-World Authorities on HEOR

We have breadth and depth with real-world data insights that are foremost in the Health Economics and Outcomes industry based on hundreds of combined experience years.

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Client Centric

We carefully listen and leverage more data from more sources in less time, to align business needs for better, faster decisions, customized solutions, and successful partnerships.

Partner with Us
Healthcare Data Lake Navigation Experts

Our advisory and linkage services provide opportunities to focus the research approach and tailor data needs, analyzing retrospectively while capturing prospectively.

Maximize RWD and RWE
Data Insights

We help healthcare and life science companies understand real-world evidence to best support strategic positioning, solve problems with confidence, and maximize value.

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Peer-Reviewed Journal Writing & Editing Services

With >1000 peer-reviewed publications in dozens of therapeutic areas, our writing and editing team ensures abstracts, posters, manuscripts, and presentations reveal value.

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Project Management Support

We meticulously manage projects across three data phases, Discover, Develop, Deliver, with seamless quality, agility, and execution every step of the way.

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It’s what we do best with RWD.

Our approach and insights are foremost in the industry based on hundreds of combined
experience years and >1000 peer-reviewed publications in dozens of therapeutic areas.

The amazing research collaboration between STATinMED and our team has already led to a comprehensive body of evidence to inform confident decision-making for many patients.

Joint Partnership Alliance

Real-World Evidence Executive

Thanks to the entire STATinMED team for all of your hard work and support with many projects – especially for the countless hours, expertise and thoroughness on recent projects. It has been a pleasure to work with you and the team.

Market Access Executive

global biopharmaceutical company

The abstract has been accepted as a podium presentation at ISPOR! Many thanks to the team for all the hard work over the last several months!

HEOR Executive

global biopharmaceutical company

Let’s give kudos to ourselves for everything we have accomplished together. Please share with STATinMED colleagues involved in the study–let them know our deep appreciation for all of them.

Real-World Evidence Executive

Joint Partnership Alliance

On behalf of our study team, I would like to thank you all for your tremendous help on the study. Acceptance by Stroke is a watershed moment for the Real-World Data program.

Real-World Evidence Executive, Joint Partnership Alliance

two global biopharmaceutical companies