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STATinMED RWD Custom Registry

Actionable, research-ready data about patients with any disease and their treatment journey
Available patient-level measures include:
  •    Demographics
  •    Comorbidities (Individual and Common Indices)
  •    HCRU and Costs of Care (Total and by Place of Service)
  •    Treatment Utilization
  •    HCP Specialty & Payer Account
  •    Time-varying Metrics

Look for STATinMED RWD Insights

this fall conference season!


        •     AMCP Nexus, Oct 11-14, 2022
        •     American College of Gastroenterology, Oct 21-26, 2022
        •     ISPOR Europe, Nov 6-9, 2022
        •     64th ASH Annual Meeting, Dec 10-13, 2022


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