More from our VP of RWE, Maxine Fisher, PhD

What is the team’s approach with RWD to generate evidence and demonstrate value?

One thing that is very motivating about working at STATinMED is our collaborative and consultative approach to generating evidence. RWD Insights give us the valuable ability to do exploratory research, and ensure we are using the most appropriate and best definitions to perform the analysis.

This is not necessarily always available elsewhere – it depends on the dataset – whereby clients may have to make choices and choose from a limited source list with predefined specifications. We work diligently at the onset when evaluating patient populations, for ways to define cohorts and variables of interest.


What’s ahead?

Looking ahead there is a lot of excitement. That seems to be the word and spirit around STATinMED lately! The team celebrates extensive authorship opportunities and attendance at many types of conferences with our findings across therapeutic areas. Publications and presentations are on the horizon featuring our data!



I am so happy to be working with a group of people with diverse backgrounds, professional mindset, and shared mission. The strongly unified leadership team at STATinMED has been moving toward excellence. It is a very enjoyable place to work and gives me hope for the future.



We have a positive, entrepreneurial spirit here at STATinMED and we are growing! As we continue to find top talent to join our team, we are committed to helping everyone enhance what they learn here, and to gain new experiences. We offer the ability to tap into a multitude of therapeutic areas, conduct traditional HEOR, and expand the use of real-world data insights.

Maxine Fisher, PhD

Vice President, RWE

Maxine Fisher, PhD, is the Vice President in Real-World Evidence at STATinMED. Dr. Fisher has over 20 years of research and consulting in the RWE arena. In her previous roles in the RWE industry, her work has informed complex decisions faced by stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. She has developed innovative enterprise-wide evidence generation strategies to support business initiatives. At STATinMED, Maxine leads the RWE team to successfully implement projects and provide science-based solutions for our clients.

As real-world evidence authorities, STATinMED Research discovers data, develops insights and delivers optimal solutions to help life science companies realize maximum value. 

Many thanks again to you and the entire STATinMED Research team for your help with the cohort comparison and timeline. It means a lot to us.
— Oncology Global Patient Outcomes Executive Real World Evidence at global biopharmaceutical company

We understand real-world evidence and solve problems with confidence. Contact the STATinMED Business Development team to learn more! 

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