Services, Capabilities and Solutions

Capabilities: Phase II/III

Identification of Unmet Need 

Discover the needs and challenges of high burden segments to identify the most appropriate patient population for your drug, and ​support early-stage evidence and pre-launch commercialization planning.

Disease Landscape/Patient Journey 

Gain comprehensive insights about disease landscape, comorbidities, treatment utilization, and specialty providers to drive future study design and evidence planning. 


Ensure the benefits, risks, value and potential of products from commercial, Medicaid, Medicare claims to support forecasting and economic modeling.

Burden of Illness​

Measure the impact of a disease to inform healthcare interventions, treatments, policies, and priority settings, with publication opportunities to support communications with payers and policy makers. ​ 

Capabilities: Post Launch


Drive strategic decision-making, shape future study design and support value communications with RWE focused on practical treatment utilization rates and treating HCPs.

Comparative Effectiveness: Real-World Outcomes ​

Generate evidence about adherence and impact on serious clinical outcomes for specific subsets of patients, including mortality for those with rare or chronic conditions.

Demonstration of Value​

Prioritize patient access to therapy, negotiate contracts for improved formulary status or realize cost savings with utilization of a particular therapy over standard of care (SOC).


Real-World Authorities

We have breadth and depth with real-world data offerings that are foremost in the industry based on hundreds of combined experience years.

Data Partnership

We carefully listen and leverage more data from more sources in less time, to align business needs for better, faster decisions, customized solutions, and successful partnerships.

Data Lakes

The data ecosystem is fragmented and constantly changing. STATinMED data lake management services provide rich opportunities to focus the research approach and tailor data needs, analyzing retrospectively while capturing prospectively.

Clinical Insights

We help life science companies understand real-world evidence by sharing medical and scientific input to best support strategic positioning and solve problems with confidence.

Writing & Editing

With over 900 peer-reviewed publications since 2007 in dozens of therapeutic areas, our writing and editing team has deep experience with detailed requirements set forth by journal editors and key conferences, to ensure abstracts, posters, manuscripts and presentations reveal value and significance.

Project Management

We meticulously manage projects with seamless quality and execution every step of the way—with dedicated teams who are agile, flexible, on time and on target. In terms of our workflow and real-world evidence projects, there are 3 data phases:

  • Discover/Gather
  • Develop/Analyze
  • Deliver/Communicate

The amazing research collaboration between STATinMED and our team has already led to a comprehensive body of evidence to inform confident decision-making for many patients.

Joint Partnership Alliance Real-World Evidence Executive

Thanks to the entire STATinMED team for all of your hard work and support with many projects – especially for the countless hours, expertise and thoroughness on recent projects. It has been a pleasure to work with you and the team.

Market Access Executive global biopharmaceutical company

The abstract has been accepted as a podium presentation at ISPOR! Many thanks to the team for all the hard work over the last several months!

HEOR Executive global biopharmaceutical company

Let’s give kudos to ourselves for everything we have accomplished together. Please share with STATinMED colleagues involved in the study–let them know our deep appreciation for all of them.

Real-World Evidence Executive Joint Partnership Alliance

On behalf of our study team, I would like to thank you all for your tremendous help on the study. Acceptance by Stroke is a watershed moment for the Real-World Data program.

Real-World Evidence Executive, Joint Partnership Alliance two global biopharmaceutical companies