Want to learn more about STATinMED and the power of RWD Insights?

Here we share some common questions, with answers about our data source and approach.

Is your data source HIPAA-compliant? Yes, our data source is de-identified, tokenized, and meets the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996
What is the source of RWD Insights, your all-payer medical and pharmacy claims data? Data are gathered from 7 of the 8 largest US switch vendors, or claims clearinghouses managing transactions between payers and providers.
How timely is the data? Data are updated monthly and available about 15 days after the close of the month (e.g. October data is available through ~November 15)
What is the coverage of the data? STATinMED RWD Insights captures ~80% of all US claims, including medical and pharmacy claims across commercial, Medicaid & Medicare channels
How much historical data does it contain? Data are available from January 2014 to the current month.
Is competitive product information available Yes
Can the data and insights from it be shared, for example, in payer discussions or peer-reviewed publications? Yes
What are the key data attributes? Insights are available at the de-identified patient level, named HCP, named Payer, named Place of Service, Product, Indication-level and more
Can this data address questions about patient persistency, compliance, lapse, etc. Yes
Are you able to provide counts for specific patients and prescriptions? Yes; we can provide patient and healthcare interaction inside and outside of therapeutic area of interest using diagnostic codes; comorbidities, clinical outcomes and mortality captured via Death Master Index file
Can you determine place of service? Yes, we provide information about inpatient hospitalization, (number of stays, length of stay), outpatient (office, urgent care; clinic, CMHC, rehab), ER visits, ambulatory surgical center, hospice, laboratory
Can you determine provider specialty utilization? Yes, with National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) listed on claims and directories used to identify registered specialty of providers



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