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Top 3 Provisions & Top 5 Recommendations: The Inflation Reduction Act & RWD Insights

Lowering prescription drug costs and health care costs are among the goals of the Inflation Reduction Act. While changes will not take effect until 2025, what can the biopharmaceutical industry expect?

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Meet Maxine Fisher, PhD – Part 2

I am so happy to be working with a group of people with diverse backgrounds, professional mindset, and shared mission. The strongly unified leadership team at STATinMED has been moving toward excellence.

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Meet Maxine Fisher, PhD Part 1

What’s impressive now is our growing clientele within the broader healthcare arena—there are many companies outside of pharma reaching to us for insights about products, services, and providers. Data-driven business intelligence is helping healthcare.

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Robust, Actionable Research-Ready Claims Data

Timely resource based on index dates with ability to track time-varying events Patient-centric insights about treatment journey De-identified, tokenized, HIPAA-compliant

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FAQs: Real-World Questions, Answered.

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