We help to objectively assess critical market opportunities for our clients by providing several types of analysis:

  • Cost Offset
  • Burden of Illness - Direct Costs
  • Burde of Illness - Indirect Costs
  • Treatment Patterns
  • Risk of Adverse Events
  • Budget Impact Models
  • Propensity Score Matching Analysis
  • Advanced Multivariate Analysis
  • Latent Class Models
  • Survival Models
  • Meta Analysis

Examples from our completed research projects:

  • Who are your high cost patients?
  • Economic profiling of hospitals, surgeons, physicians?
  • Is the cost of using a drug offset by decreased costs for other types of resource utilization?
  • What is the economic burden of illness due to services and products associated with treating the disease or sequelae of the disease?
  • What are the indirect costs associated with disease in terms of incidental absenteeism from work (e.g. sick time) or short term disability?
  • What proportion of patients experience an adverse event after an intervention?
  • Which pharmaceutical therapies or other treatments do patients use for a disease?
  • How long to discontinuation of the drug?
  • How adherent are patients to the drug (for chronic illness)?
  • How often and at what point in time do patients switch drugs or augment therapy?
  • What factors, e.g. copays, influence treatment patterns?
  • Which propensity score matching technique is suitable for your data?
  • Which comorbidity index should be used to estimate health care utility and expenditures?